Sentient Beings 4 (27 x20in)acrylic on panel 2018 $1650.jpg


My work explores a way of witnessing the city and reflects my experience of twelve years living in Seattle. Using acrylic paint on various panel surfaces and a combination of brushes and blades, I capture and execute the city’s impressions and stories. I focus on the constructive lines which are etched and scratched into the painting using a single-edged razor blade. This is my primary tool which is not only used for making precise line and angles but also to reveal light and the undercurrents made with busy engraved scribble pulling the painting’s elements of “city-ness” together as one.

Cityscape is a never-ending subject unceasing in its ability to evolve and delight us. It stands as a symbol of life in continuous flux. By day it is a dressing-room of mirrors reflecting, refracting, bouncing as do water diamonds on the ocean. By night, it transforms itself to become a man-made stained glass starry universe. But underneath this teeming turbulence abides a peace steady and unbroken. Architecture's ghostly lines reveal structured shapes, hints of towering forms and precise angles assuring an impeccable solidity within the unbridled energies of city life.

Through my work, I share a feeling and vision, a way of seeing beneath the immense and frenetic surface of city life to the unity underlying all of it, to the human connection we have within it, and with one another. The finished piece results in an Everyman's composite of a metropolitan landscape, presenting the city as a place of gathering and inclusiveness that is not only a monumental accomplishment of human endeavor, but also an intimate place we call our home.

Material Worlds

When I look into an open closet I see a material world of color, pattern and chaos, a clothing-scape of disguises, a plethora of story and truth. The subject of closets has always intrigued me, and now it captivates me. And so I enter their small and mysterious worlds, examining the human shells that hang, the stories never told and the secrets that are stashed within. In our closets, all the racks and corners wherever garments gather and clutter lolls and sometimes hides, there perhaps reside the dreams and hopes, regrets and promises of lives longing to be finally seen.